Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Bit of Fry & Laurie

The word today is Fry. Now I've said a million times before, I don't do cooking. I leave that to the experts (Andrew, Teresa & Lisa). So when I logged on to HSMSHS this morning and found today's word I knew I had to think out of the box and, well, basically cheat yet again. The first Fry that came to mind was a Fry's Turkish Delight (Mmmmm chocolate - said in a Homer Simpson voice lol). That meant a trip down to the shops to buy one so I didn't bother. The second Fry I thought of was the fantastic Mr Steven Fry. So here he is as my 'Fry' photo today. Which leads me on to talk about the other half of Fry ~ House aka Hugh Laurie. I had a sneaky suspicion that the next installment of House would be cancelled due to the American presidential elections so when I logged on to sidereel this morning I wasn't surprised the link wasn't there. (I'll just have to watch last weeks episode again to get my 'fix'.) I have no idea about politics, even less about American politics, but I was pleased when I found out that Barack Obama had been elected. I love 'firsts' & Mr Obama is the first black American president ~ cool! Thought I would catch up with the photos I missed over the last few days :O) So here's yesterday's Shimmer taken at Hardwick Hall last week. (Can you see the sun shimmering through the leaves?)Saturday's 'collection' (which should have been a photo of something I collect but the light is so poor today a photo just isn't possible). These Russian dolls were in a shop window in Pavillion Gardens, Buxton. Last but not least, on Sunday SuzieB asked us for a photo of ourselves when we were young so here's mine :O) It was taken just after I had won an award in the brass band I played in. I think I must have been 15/16 ~ many moons ago lol. George (the one in the glasses) was my tutor.


SuzyB said...

Lovely shots and yes, where was HOUSE!! Never mind the goings ons at the White House, lets get the priorities straight, we want our HOUSE!

Lovely catch up shots and boy can you see the resemblance in that photo of you with all your girls!

Teresa said...

OMG! No House? *TUTS* Poor you :O( I am alright though as i am still catching up with series 4 and haven't got to series 5 yet :OP

I absolutely love your photo and i must admit i did have a bit of a giggle. I really can't imagine you in a band! What a lovely uniform too PMSL

Love ya lots
Tree xxxxxx