Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hiroshima, Japan

I've learnt something new today. Kerry was playing Facebook's Geo Challenge at work this afternoon and cursing because she was struggling with the cities. The game gives you a world map & a list of cities and you have to click where you think they all are. Now most of them are OK, we're both fine in Europe & America but when it comes to the middle & far East we really struggle. We know Seoul is in Korea but to find Korea on the map is quite hard. Then Hiroshima came up which sparked a conversation about the atom bomb. Tim (at work) asked us if we knew the name of the plane that dropped the bomb? Both Kerri & I looked blank. It's the Enola Gay said Tim, OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark) sang about it in the 80's. Did you know that?

Got home tonight and my dearest friend had sent two BOGOF McDonald cinema vouchers. Isn't that thoughtful, and in her delicate state too. Thanks Teresa xXx

These will come in very useful for taking Elena's friends to the Cinema for her birthday. She's still undecided what she wants to do. I hope she makes a decision soon, there's only fourteen days left! She's very busy at the moment with drama so I have even suggested that she has two birthdays like the Queen. A family one on the 10th December & one for her friends on 10th January. Watch this space.

Now I've been very naughty & pinched this off Teresa's blog (I hope she's not cross) just look, isn't it gorgeous :O) This is my little peanut, I say MY peanut because I have the best job in the world. I am it's mummys best friend (grin) what do you think, is it a girl or a boy? Half of me wants it to be a boy so Tree can pass all Max's clothes down to him but the other half of me want's it to be a little girl. Do you know what, I don't really care as long as both Teresa & the baby stay healthy. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving on the other side of the pond. So I just want to wish Chris and all her friends a happy thanksgiving :O)

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Teresa said...

Glad you got the cinema tickets :O)

I'm loving the idea of having two birthdays (Max had two last year)I think everyone should have two. Is she gonna do bowling one one and the cinema on the other?

Is she getting nevous about the Rock Nstivity? or is she as cool as a cucumber about it? I really wish i could come see it too.

LOL @ you, pinching peanuts photo! its just a little blob at the moment, the 12 week scan will be a better picture. I'm still not sure if i want to know or not. Maybe i'll see its 'bits' on the scan?

Love ya oodles
Tree xxx XXX xxx