Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Can Hear The Bells?

That sunshine did the trick yesterday. Got my act together & rang the doctors about a smear test. It's all booked for next Wednesday. Phoned the hair dressers & Caroline asked me if I was free now! So off I toddled down into Sandown and now my hairs all trimmed and feeling lovely. Me & Caroline had a long chat about House & all the films we've seen lately and couldn't stop laughing at the clips from the new Madagascar film. I can't wait to see it. It's out on the 5th December so may be a good film to take Elena & her friends to see, as it's her birthday on the 10th.

Had a chat with Andrew last night about an eye test and we're going to see what Tesco's have to offer on Saturday so that's me nearly sorted lol. Unless anyone can do anything about the onset of Alzheimer's lol?

Yesterday the postman bought us a wedding invitation from Emma & David. It's all very exciting :O) They are getting married next May at Languard Manor & then in December 09, Collie & Andy (from work) are getting married. They say these things come in three's so we need one more to make it a hat trick (hint, hint, Nik) :O)

Tonight, don't faint, we're going out! Some friends of ours, Jean & John, are visiting the Island this week. They are staying at the Shanklin Hotel. Jean phoned last night to see if we wanted to meet them for a drink. We had a lovely chat and arranged a time to see them. We're picking Gemma up from her flat first and then going down to their hotel. We can't stay out mega late becasue Elena has to get up for school tomorrow but it will be lovely to see them & catch up with all their news.

The HSMSHS word today is Spanish?!!!!

Well, you can't get more Spanish than the country itself, so here's 2 holiday photos from Pineda in Spain in 1981. We had gone with some very good friends of ours, the Sisson family.

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Teresa said...

Hi Honey!
Glad you got all your appointments sorted :)

Can't wait to see Madagascar 2 too. I'm going to use my BOGOF Maccy D voucher. Did you managed to get some? Four Christmases comes out on the 26th November and i think we're off to see that one as well.

I love the photos on your blog. Andrew looks fab in his 'Chips' sunglasses and dodgy sideburns!

Love ys tonnes
Teresa xxx