Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Italian Fish & Houses

What's up with me? Andrew's running around doing 3 jobs at once & I've barely the energy to climb into bed at night? Maybe I should take Andrew's advice and 'do something'. Can I blame the weather? The time of year? Or is it just procrastination? I have a tonne of housework to do and keep thinking that I will tackle it a room at a time, but by the time I've finished I have to start at the beginning again. Why can't housework be done once a week and leave it at that? I have 3 outstanding jobs as well, a smear test, an eye test & my hair needs cutting. Instead of blogging about it I should just ring up and make the relevant appointments but something inside me doesn't want to. Why is that? I can understand not wanting a smear test ~ who does! I NEED new glasses, I can't see a flippin thing at the moment. Teresa lent me some books to read & the writing is so small I have no chance reading them so clearly something needs to be done. I am a Pisces so could it be something to do with that? Two fish swimming in opposite directions, one saying do this, the other saying no don't. If I believed in such stuff I could convince myself that this is the problem. Where's House when I need him?

Ooo talking of House, just watched the new episode :O) It was another good one! I was a bit confused though because the other day, when I went on the website, it said the new episode would be called 'Let them eat cake'. It wasn't at all, it was Emancipation! (Every time I here that word it makes me think of Bob Marley ~ Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.) OMG I know what's up with me, I'm having Jamaican withdrawal symptoms PMSL! I digress, House was as brilliant as ever :O)

HSMSHS word today ~ Italian! All I'm going to say is this is as Italian as we get in this house ~ dried pasta lol. Just been outside and the sun is out! The thermometer is reading 15o ... and the skies are pure blue ...I'm off now to get me boots full lol ~ byeee!

I'm back :O) with my boots well and truly full of gorgeous weather & sunshine ...


Teresa said...

Right! Telling off time!

Its very NAUGHTY of you not to get your smear test booked! If i hadn't kept up to date with mine the pre-cancerous cells would not have been found and i could have been in a right mess now. So, get your act together lady and get it sorted out!!

Secondly, eyes are very important to us and they must be looked after at all costs. Just give the opticians a quick ring and get a test and some new glasses sorted out.

Thirdly and least important, go and treat yourself to a new 'do' it'll make you feel better and maybe even help with the winter blues.

Now, if i don't read on this blog that you've got all these appointments sorted asap then i'm cancelling Christmas! *tuts* PMSL

Seriously though, please get them sorted :O) I love my best friend to bits and need her MOT'd LOL

On a brighter note, i love the photos you've posted and i really wish i were there with you soaking up a bit of IOW sunshine. It looks totally fab and i miss you so very much. Wish i could have come on that walk with you, i'm so jealous :O)

Didn't do a blog last night as i was totally knackered and hadn't the energy to even turn on the laptop. Was miserable cos IACGMOOH! wasn't on the telly too :O( Needed my jungle fix LOL

Love you all very much
Teresa xxx XXX xxx

Teresa said...

OMG did you just see Street Wars on Sky 3? It had the Medina Housing Estate on it and was showing some really bad tennents. It was in Newport i think, near Argos? does that make sense? The family they were having problems with were causing trouble for all the street. They ended up evicting them and boarding up the house.

Just had to tell you LOl

Love Tree xxxxx