Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Love Wednesdays :O)

I watched the new episode of House this morning and what a great episode it was too.

Gemma & Matt came round to see me & bring season 4 of House back. It was lovely to see them. We spent a good couple of hours playing Wii games and chatting.

The carpet fitter called while they were here & fitted the new bedroom carpet. It looks fab and has changed the room completely. It's exactly the same as the one in Lisa's & Elena's room. I've left it up to Andrew to get what he wants. I went to order the new curtains so they will be here at the end of next week. By then we will have all four bedrooms finished :O)

Andrew is dying to get back working down stairs on the kitchen & is hoping to get one side of the kitchen & utility room finished before Santa arrives. It means 2 new worktops & cupboard doors. The problem with decorating is that it makes the old stuff look really old. So we've had a long discussion about replacing the freezer. We have a small chest freezer at the moment which is working fine but is really rusty (and unsightly) on the outside. We are going to put it in the garage and use it for 'big stuff' so Andrew informs me. Seen as he's the chef I'm not arguing. We are going to buy a small freezer with drawers in, to go under the work top in the utility room. That way we can have a full work top from one end to the other. I think he's sick of us putting stuff on the freezer lid which is a pain when you need to get something out. So it's all happening :O)

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Teresa said...

I forgot all about House today. Will watch it tomorrow cos IACGMOOH is on now :O)

Your house is sounding fantastic, can you send Andrew over to sort out ours now? I have seven months to get it finished LOL

Your plans for the utility room sound fab and it will definately stop everyone putting shoes on top and be easier to get stuff out of the freezer. Chest freezers are a brill idea but you always seem to want something thats right at the bottom.

Gonna go atch IACGMOOH now

Love you lots
Tree xxx XXX xxx