Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm An Office Manager Get Me Out Of Here!

I am shattered today. Not physically, just mentally. We haven't done anything at all at work this week until today & then everyone wanted something from me and everything had a deadline. It's like waiting for a bus, you don't see any for ages & then 3 come along at once. I had fun though trying to juggle it all so I'm not complaining. I have got the brochure to the printers (with the help of Phil) and tried on numerous occasions to pay them over the phone with the bosses credit card, but everyone was too busy to talk to me so I'll have to try again tomorrow. The Sun newspaper wanted a photo of the holiday park and a 25 word summary to put in there glossy booklet. I mean, how can you sell a holiday park in 25 words? Paul is writing a bookings programme which is now scheduled to go live on Monday so fingers crossed it will be OK. He's worrying me slightly as the enquiries programme is not working at all. He assures me it will be OK when he's finished so I'm not going to lose sleep over it just yet. The touring boards are finished and I've sorted out the prices for next year & designed a new flyer to go in the brochure. We didn't know we were doing touring until last week when the boss came into the office and told us. We've had to come up with how it's all going to work, how to advertise it etc. We've got to sort the ferries out next and OMG I could go on & on there's so much to do. Then I'm losing Kerri for a week. She's off to Blackpool in the morning for a big dancing competition. She usually does really well & comes home with armfulls of trophies so I wish her all the luck in the world. Go get um Kerri :O)

Mum & Dad came round about 10 mins after I'd got in from work and bought Elena an advent calendar. They left about 10 mins before Andrew got home. We had tea, did the housework and watched I'm a Celebrity and that's about it. Well apart from talking to Lisa on the phone which was fab. I love chatting to her. She sounded sooo tired poor thing. She's got a couple of plays to read tonight so she's got her work cut out. But apart from that we chatted about Christmas & sleeping arangements, secret santas & food and all was good :O)

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Teresa said...

OMG! Poor you! Sounds like one hell of a day. Bet you were really glad to be home and then you got some visitors! LOL

Hope you have a much easier and better day today.

Oh, How did you sum the caravan park up in 25 words? I'd be interested to know LOL

I think your definately WonderWoman to Andrews SuperMan!!

Thanks for the advice on the tablets :O) I won't be taking any, its just not worth the risk, is it?

I need to ask you something about the CC Deals. When you've ordered some what do you do with the original ones? Throw them away or send them back to Tesco? Sorry bit dumb, but i don't know

Love ya lots
Teresa xxx