Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig?

Not to be out done by a certain blog I follow ;O) I have added a photo to my side bar, see ---> This person, who shall be nameless, thinks Daniel Craig is better looking & more hunky than Pierce Brosnan (shock). As far as I'm concerned there is no contest. I have adored Pierce Brosnan for as long as I can remember (& yes I even loved his hair style back in those Remmington Steele days lol). I'm not saying that Daniel Craig is no good as James Bond, far from it, I think he's excellent. But I would run straight past him to get to Mr hunky Brosnan. I mean, have you seen him at the end of Mamma Mia in that sexy seventies get up lol ~ hubba, hubba, what's not to like?

A few days ago I mentioned that I had dreamt about him. So just for the record :O)
Have you seen the friends episode where they all make a list of people they would love to sleep with given the chance. They write the names of 5 famous men or women on a piece of paper & if the opportunity ever arises, it would be perfectly OK. A free pass with no repercussions if you see what I mean. Well of course Pierce Brosnan has always been at the top of mine. Well, while we were at Teresa's house, for the first time in my life, I dreamt about Mr Brosnan, looking at me with those 'come to bed' eyes. Here's my chance I thought & what did I do, spend the whole b****y dream trying to find Andrew to ask him if it was OK ~ WTF! I'm not joking, of all the things that could have happened, I'm gutted PMSL :O)


Teresa said...

You are a total nutter!!
Looking for Andrew? You should know where he always the kitchen, cooking you scrummy dinners. I think even in your dreams you know which side your breads buttered!! PMSL
love ya xxxx

Anand said...

Hai , I've been waiting to see such a wonderful blog like this . Me too, a very big fan of Pierce Brosnan. He's such a Talented Bond Character ever in a Bond Collections. No one has his stylish looks,the way of saying "The Name's Bond , James Bond". Daniel Craig has only got good physical strenght. But bond movies requires a car, great looks, luxury cars, hor girls,.....Pierce is a better option ....