Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I love it when Lisa & Liam are home, we have such a laugh. Last night after we had eaten our tea, Elena was complaining of a poorly knee. There is a scab & a lump just underneath her knee cap which is, according to Elena, very painful. So we all came up with ideas about what had caused it when Lisa said it could be an in growing hair (she's been shaving her legs for a few months now).

Me: What's an ingrowing hair? I've never heard of that.
Lisa: It's when a hair grows into your skin rather than normally.
Me: How do you know all this?
Lisa: I had one under my arm once.
Me: Oh right, what happened?
Lisa: I had to try and dig it out.
Liam: Yeah, Lisa tried from one end and couldn't do it so I had a go. I had to pull it out from the other end, you could see the hair under her skin.
Me & Elena: Cringe, cringe.
Liam: I got it half way out and was worried if I pulled it any further the hair on her head would start to unravel.
All of us: Laughed so hard we were crying.

God I love that lad so flippin much, he just cracks me up :O)

We all had a lie in this morning, my first Sunday at home without having to get up for work (or go on holiday). It was great. We ambled around for a while and then decided to tackle the house work. It was lovely to have all the extra space now Gem has all her stuff at the flat. The conservatory is empty, our bedroom is tidy and the bathrooms have been scrubbed. Lisa & Liam went to see Liam's Mum & my Mum & Dad this afternoon. Elena went to drama for a rehearsal in the Church in Ryde. Best of all, Lisa & Liam are not going back until after tea. Mind you on the way back from Ryde tonight after picking Elena up, they announced the Hovercraft service had been cancelled because of the strong winds in the Solent. The catamaran isn't usually far behind when the weather's bad so it looks like they are going to have to go back on the car ferry. It's a real pain because it puts at least another hour on they're journey *tut*.


Teresa said...

I told Elena i thought it was an ingrowing hair too!! Great minds eh?

ROTFLMAO @Liam. What a nutter! (he fits in well with us all doesn't he?)Make sure you get him married in LOL

Glad you've had a fabby time this weekend. Give my love to everyone. Miss you loads
Love ya tonnes
Tree xxxxxxx

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

LOL @ you putting Pierce Brosnan on your blog! *TUTS* copycat! LOL