Monday, December 01, 2008


Last week I didn't take any photos at all so I've made a special effort today & joined in with HSMSHS. It's advent today, the 1st December, the countdown to Christmas & I love it :O) The tradition in our house is everyone younger than me gets a chocolate advent calendar. In the past Mum & Dad have bought the girls one too but for some reason only Elena got one this year? Never mind, Gemma, Lisa & Elena will always be my girls and I will always buy them one until a) they tell me not to, or b) I have no money lol. The photo today over at HSMSHS is advent so here it is, Elena's Advent calendar. Had a text message from Kerri today saying she was so excited, she's won an armful of dancing medals & trophies at Blackpool. I'm so pleased for her, we've been wondering all day at work how she's got on. I can't wait to see them all :O)

I'm celebrating tonight because finally, Brian Paddick has been voted out of the jungle! Inspector Clueso himself lol. Not long now till we find out who's won :O)


Teresa said...

Fancy only getting Elena one! *tuts* I'd never get one kid something without the other (mine or anyone elses), except for birthdays that aren't the same day.

A Big WOW! for Kerri. Well done! How fantastic is she for winning lots of trophys. I wish i was good at something like that. Its so graceful and beautiful to watch. Alas, I was born with two left feet and no sense of rhythm.

Hurray! for Brian being voted out. Thank the Lord!

Love Tree xxxXXXxxx

Teresa said...

Where's my bestest mate gone? Are you ok honeybun? Its not like you to miss your blogging.

Hope everyone is ok
Love you lots
Teresa xxx