Sunday, November 30, 2008


We all had a bit of a lie in this morning which was lovely.

Elena needed to take her tea with her to her first show tonight, so we went up to Morrison's to get some of her favourite pasta. I asked her if she had everything she needed when we set off and of course she said yes and of course I believed her. We got to the church in Ryde and as she got out of the bus a look of shock & horror appeared on her face. She had forgotten her costume!! OMG I had to drive all the way home and return with the said costume ~ kids!!! That will teach me not to go through every little thing with her :O) Maybe she's not as grown up as I hoped lol. The show went according to plan so all was good in the end. She's just got 2 more performances next weekend to do and then that will be the end of running her all over the Island for a little while.

Andrew has now completed 4 bedrooms. This was the official announcement this evening as he looked at me with a huge grin on his face. God I love that man :O)

So back to the kitchen and we've had yet another idea. It's funny how things snowball isn't it.

My original idea was to replace the chest freezer in the utility room with a new one. Then I got to thinking, if we replaced the chest freezer with an 'under counter' freezer, the work top would go straight through from wall to wall. The down side being the gap it would leave.

Plan B was to have the full work top with the dishwasher, washing machine, freezer & an extra fridge underneath. We are always short on fridge space. Andrew decided we could put the chest freezer in the garage and use it for big stuff, bread, turkey etc. as the small freezer wouldn't have enough space in it. The only down side to this plan would be 4 appliances being plugged in & the electricity they would use. Not only that, I think we would get annoyed hunting for stuff. The law of Sod states that the item you were looking for is always in the last place you look lol. So a visit to Curry's yesterday was in order. Huge problem, we've seen one of those American fridge freezers with ice & cold water dispensers and fallen in love with it. It ticked every box. One appliance with an energy rating of A. Big enough to have double the fridge space & the same amount of freezer space. No more ice cube making, cold water whenever you need it, heaven. It would allow another cupboard in the kitchen where the fridge is now. This would be extremely handy as the wall cupboards are going to have to be removed above the cooker. Just one downside, the size! It is huge and our utility room is very small. The only other suggestion I could make was to move, so Andrew could have a big kitchen but we both laughed at that one and said Nah! He couldn't see a problem taking a couple of cupboards out to fit it in, so as of 5pm tonight it's this one but we may change our minds tomorrow lol. OMG did you hear the news? Theo Paphitis is interested in buying Woolies, did he hear me?


Gemma said...


I know it would be a lot of work but why not loose a few cupboards from the utility room?!? Just a thought.

Love you

Anonymous said...

How about just leaving all the food outside, its bloody cold enough!

Teresa said...

I'm really glad the show went okfor Elena, even after the little hiccup LOL

Well done to Andrew for completing four bedrooms. What a super hero :O)

I'm totally loving your freezer idea, aren't they wonderful (i'm so jealous!) So, is it going in the kitchen or the utility room cos i'm confused. It will look fantastic and give you everything in one place.

LOL @ Theo. I do hope he can save it. The high Street will look odd without good old Woolies. Fingers crossed for Gemma

Love ya
Tree xxxXXXxxx