Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can't Think Of A Title

Yesterday morning I took Kerri, Colin & Colin's Mum to the catamaran in Ryde. Kerri was so excited because it was the start of their journey to New York. On Saturday I made a CD with some songs of New York on it and played it full blast all the way to the boat. I hope they have a fantastic time. I'm missing Kerri already, work just isn't the same when she's not there.

Mum & Dad bought Jack & Jordana round to see us. Jack was on good form as usual, telling us loads of jokes :O) Unfortunately I can only remember two of them ... Two packets of peanuts were walking down an alley & one was assaulted lol. Two bags of crisps were jogging down the road when a taxi pulled over & asked if they wanted a lift. "No thanks," they said, "we're Walkers!" He never changes does he :O)

My new bedding was delivered yesterday too, it's lovely. Today it's been washed & dried and put on the bed so the bedroom's looking very swish :O)Not done a lot today apart from work and eat tea, oh and play Tetris on Facebook (damn you Nicky for sending me the link lol). The new oven & hob are arriving tomorrow which is a bit of a pain in the bum because I had the day planned but C'est la Vie! Can't complain can I :O)

Had loads of Christmas cards over the last few days including one from my best friend from school, Nicki and her husband Simon. She'd enclosed a lovely montage of snapshots of all the family. Can't believe how grown up her girls look. I've done a similar thing to put inside the Christmas cards to the older members of the family. They always seem to like it.

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