Thursday, December 18, 2008

Festive Happenings

Gemma came round last night to borrow the fairy costume. She found the tutu but no wings or halo. We spoke to Lisa on the phone and she had them at Uni so she's going to bring them home tomorrow. I did offer a Santa suit that I made years ago so she tried it on. We were in hysterics laughing at her as I thinks it must be 2 sizes too small lol. The reason she wanted the fairy outfit's because she's dressing up at work on Christmas Eve. The last time she will be able to do it unfortunately as Woolworths closes a week later and Gemma, Skateboard Steve, Sharon & all the gang will be made redundant. What a lovely Christmas present hey! I spoke to Kat yesterday in Newport Woolies and she's going to go back to college to be retrained. She was hoping that Gemma would go with her. I hope she does.Elena's last day tomorrow at school. She's finishing at lunch time so her & Lucy are going to Newport on the bus to do some shopping. They are going to get a lift back home with Andrew so I will have a couple of hours on my own when I finish work tomorrow, well until Lisa & Liam come home that is. It's beginning to feel like Christmas now :O) It could be all the decorations around the house, or all the presents I've been wrapping. I'm not sure what it is but I am feeling very festive :O)

The new cooker & hob came yesterday so the kitchen is all ready for it's face lift now. All Andrew needs is a few more hours in a day and some energy to go with it & then the kitchen will be done. He's been baking tonight especially for Liam as he asked for some mince pies the other day. So we have home made mincemeat covered with home made pastry & they are gorgeous. In fact I'm eating one as I type ~ yummy scrummy :O) Not only that, he's put his homemade marzipan on the Christmas cake too. I can't wait to get my teeth into that!

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Teresa said...

Hi Honey :O)

Sorry i've not been on for ages. Just yesterday i have started to feel better and i haven't felt sick for two days now (well only a little bit in the evening, but i can cope with that).

I love the photo of Gemma in the Santa suit, made me giggle. I'm so sorry for her about Woolworths. Its a terrible shame for the store too as the high street just won't look the same anymore :O(

The mincepies sound fab and the cake too. I iced my home made Christmas cakes yesterday (made one for me mother too) and they do look lovely, just hope they taste as good as they look LOL. I still don't think they'll compare to Andrews though.

I love your new bedding. It looks so beautiful. I'm sure its finished your bedroom off perfectly.

I feel like its been ages since i had a good chat with you, and i'm sorry that feeling so ill has kept me from blogging. I think things are on the up now and i've even had a bit more energy in the day time (well enough to defrost the fridge and clean out the freezer LOL)

Are we are still ok to come for New Year? If you have changed your mind and think it will be too much i won't be offended if you say so sweetie. I know it makes you all a lot of hard work.

I hope everyone is in good health and all cited about Santa coming (i know we all are this end).

Love you all lots
Tree xxXXxx