Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Cards

It was my last day at work yesterday ~ yipee. A whole 2 weeks off OMG it's bliss :O) Got everything I need for Teresa & the gang now, caravan mattresses, quilts, pillows etc. (Gemma says it looks like the princess & the pea lol) .The freezer is full to the top so I think we are all organised. It seems so long since we've seen them but it was only a few weeks ago. Just one disappointment today so not too bad I suppose in the grand scheme of things. I ordered a new 13.5 tog duvet so that we would have one for Teresa & Nik . It was delivered today but when I unfolded it, it had a big black stain on it. It looked as though it was part of the material so I've parcelled it up & they are collecting it on Tuesday. Andrew found another one on the BHS website so we've ordered that instead. Fingers crossed it will get here before the 27th Dec.

Lisa & Liam came back from Uni yesterday too so we now have a full house again. Tonight Andrew cooked a gorgeous roast beef diner for the five of us plus Liam, Sam & Matt with trifle to finish. It was scrummy! Thank you Andrew xXx

We've spent the day doing housework, shopping, washing etc. the usual Saturday jobs. Elena's done a load of ironing for me too. She's a good un :O) Blutacked all the Christmas cards to the doors today. I love receiving Christmas cards. The really special ones from the girls are on the hearth in the front room. I had a lovely one from Kerri at work saying to a fabulous friend with love ~ aww. Sandy & Steve sent one with 'For Our Neighbours' on it. But the one that's had me in tears arrived this morning. Just a little card, nothing very special until we opened it ~ to Andrew, Vanda & the girls from Tony (& Edith). Edith died when we were on holiday in Jamaica back in May and she was Andrew's favourite Auntie. She was my favourite too. The Christmas card is a teddy looking out of the window up to the heavens. Not everyone is going to have a great Christmas are they.

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