Sunday, December 21, 2008


Kerri's back from New York and I was on taxi duty this morning. Look what she bought me, carried all the way home just for me, isn't she just the best :O) It's a Christmas tree decoration all the way from New York and I laughed my head off when I opened it, look it's a taxi :O) Thank you Kerri I love it xXx It sounds as if they had a wonderful time and when they are feeling less jet lagged I'm hoping to go round and look at all the shopping she's bought & the photos she took.

Yesterday morning Andrew went to the doctors to have a piece of vein cut out of his leg. Every time he caught it, it bled for England so the doctor suggested some minor surgery. It hasn't stopped him doing anything but I think it hurts him sometimes. He has to have the stitches taken out on New Years Eve. So when he suggested going to Argos this afternoon to buy a bread maker, I could hardly say no could I. We had a £10 gift voucher which needed using anyway so we've been to get him one which has cheered him up no end :O) It will keep him out of mischief I'm sure not to mention all the fresh bread we'll be getting over the Christmas holidays :O)

After dinner we gave the front garden a spruce. All the dead plants have been chopped down and the leaves picked up, it looks so much better. Steve, Andrews colleague at work, gave him a huge bag that he had some building materials delivered in and it's made the gardening so much easier. We piled all the stuff in the bag, threw it in the back of the bus and took it to the tip. Within half an hour the job was a good un. Much, much easier than trying to get it into smaller plastic bags I can tell you.

Not sure if I mentioned Elena's trip to Newport after school with Lucy on Friday. She had a lovely shopping trip and of course didn't buy anything for herself :O) She is so good with money, she really knows how to look after it. But bless her heart she bought me something, a gorgeous bauble for the tree, isn't she just a sweetheart :O) Thank you Elena but you shouldn't have xXx Received a gorgeous little gift from do Ron Ron at work. A Thornton's truffle ~ yummy!His name's Ron but when we say his name it makes us sing ' Met him on the corner & my heart stood still, a do ron ron ron, a do ron ron' lol. Anyway this is what he gave me with a really sweet little card saying 'to Vanda, ta for lots of help & northern witt n charm this year, all the very best ~ Ron. Just before you say anything, all the girls in the office got one too ;O)

Can't go without mentioning the final of Strictly Come Dancing last night. I really wanted Lisa Snowden & Brendan Cole to win but Kerri did say to me no one has ever won the competition if they've been in the dance off. So I wasn't really surprised that tom Chambers won. I have to say he is rather handsome, an older version of Orlando Bloom? His last dance was brilliant and he did deserve to win. Last but not least, it's a very sad day as we've drunk all the banana & coffee rum between us. We're going to crack open the coconut rum tonight and then we will have to go and get some more next year. That's the best excuse I've heard for another holiday he, he.Just pinched this from Abby's facebook lol. It's all the girls Lisa lives with at UNI, Lisa, Abby, Katy, Emily & Andy :O)

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Teresa said...

Hi Sweetpea :O)

What a fab pressie from Kerri and it really sums up New York, doesn't it?

Poor old Andrew, it sounds terrible, does it hurt him much now its been sorted? What a brave soldier! Send him a big hug and kiss from me and tell him i can't wait to try some yummy bread. I love the smell of bread baking.

I love how Elena looks after her money. I noticed when she stayed with us in the summer. Whe she sees something she likes she really takes her time before she buys it and you can hear her thinking it over in her head... Do i need it, is it too much, what if i see something later i like more etc. Its brilliant how it doesn't burn a hole in her pocket like it does in our lads. Must be good training from her amazing parents!

I don't watch Strictly but i do love Tom Chambers, he's an actor in Holby City and he makes a really sexy doctor!! Mmmmmm

PMSL at your rum shortage (Andrews probably put it all in the Christmas cake!!!) Definately a good excuse for a holiday ;O)

Bless you for getting all the mattresses for our stay. you are so lovely and at such a busy time of year. We really do appreciate all the effort you put in to make us feel at home. Love you lots xxxx

Can't wait to see you all and we also get to see Peanut again (23rd Dec) before we come. I so excited!!

Love you all lots and lots, Christmas seems to be approaching very fast now so, it won't be long till we see you all again.

Bye for now
Teresa xxxxx