Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas day, I love it :O) Gemma & Matt slept at our house last night so they could open presents with us this morning. Gemma's main present was some GHD's and she loved them :O) Lisa only wanted a suitcase for Christmas so we surprised her with an iPod. Usually she spends Christmas Eve night feeling presents & trying to guess what they are so we wrapped the iPod up and Andrew put it in a box and wrapped the whole thing in brown parcel tape. It had two more layers after that so there was no way she could guess what it was :O) It took her ages to get into it lol. All Elena wanted was a green iPod so she was as happy as Larry when she opened hers. Lisa & Andrew have had a long standing thing with sprouts see this post. Anyway it was Lisa's turn this year to get her own back lol. Look what she wrapped up for Andrew :O) Liam couldn't be with us on Christmas morning unfortunately, he had to spend it with his other mum ;O) He came round after lunch though so he opened his presents and afterwards we had stockings :O)

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