Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fun - I'm Loving It

I LOVE been off work. OMG you can do so much :O) Done lots of cleaning of things I don't usually get around to, today. The turkey's defrosting in a bucket of water & everything is wrapped & labelled.

Went round to see Avril (Andrew's work colleague who retired a few months ago) to give her a Christmas present & caught up with all the news & gossip. Had a houseful of gorgeous people this afternoon and had a laugh with them all. As well as Me & Elena, Lisa & Liam we had Skateboard Steve, Tillett, Topley & Topley's girlfriend. Liam played on his X-Box while Lisa & I were trying desperately to beat Tilletts new Geo challenge score on facebook. The rest of the gang were studying the Where's Wally books lol.

Geo challenge has become an obsession at work as well as home. At home Tillett has been in the lead for ages with a pretty amazing score of 21000 until last night, when Lisa & I joined forces. About 11:30pm (told you we were obsessed lol) we beat his score by 1000 points and were in firstplace for 12 whole hours!! He's now beaten us again *tut*. So the challenge is back on and it's not over till it's over!

Andrew's last day a work today thank goodness. He's pretty tired bless him so I hope he can recharge his batteries over the next few days. Lisa & Liam cooked us a gorgeous tea again tonight, chicken & sweet potato curry with cocnut milk & spinach. It was fab-u-lous, thank you both of you xXx Not only that, they even did the shopping at Tesco's for me, aren't they the best :O)

Gemma rang tonight and asked if I would nip round to Woollies to pick up a Christmas tree. (It's so depressing in there, now that most of the shelves are empty.) Someone (a member of staff) asked Sharon (the boss) if they could have one of the trees off the shop floor and she said yes so Gem asked her if she could have the one in the staff room and she said yes to that too. It's 6" tall, fully decorated, so Gemma could hardly carry it home lol. It's in the back of the bus as we speak. Elena spotted a smaller tree so Gemma gave to it her :O) That's got loads of decorations on it too so she was well happy.

Kerri's put some photos on facebook of her trip to New York & they're brill. I really want to go now but it's so expensive. When you think you could spend the same amount of money for 2 weeks lazing in the Caribbean sun, all inclusive, there's no contest is there BUT I still want to go lol. Andrew's been to New York & loved it but then he's been to America 3 times lucky thing. He even climbed the statue of Liberty which you can't do anymore. He stayed in Boston with his God father Brian and visited Canada & Niagra Falls, Buffalo & Manchester! Well I've been to Manchester he, he!

Anyway I've pinched these from Kerri's facebook :O)
Look there's my taxi outside Macey's. Look at the size of those baubles! These are the snowflakes she was telling me about that ran down the side of one of the skyscrapers & played the 'Carol of the Bells' (which I love). Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, listen to this.

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