Monday, December 22, 2008

Ring, Ring

Mum & Dad came round this afternoon with a few cards & presents to put under the tree. We laughed at 2 of the cards as one of them spelt my name Wanda & the other called Elena, Fiona lol.

Lisa & Elena came to Shanklin with me this afternoon to the opticians. I was much happier with the eye test this time even though I have to pay for it. I struggle to find new glasses because I'm as blind as bat when I don't have them on. Lisa was a star & made sure my new ones were OK :O) I have to have varivocals this time as I knew I would. It will be so lovely when I can sit down and read a book again :O)

While we were in Shanklin we called at the jewellers to pick up my rings. I can't remember the last time I was able to wear them. They had cleaned them too & they look so sparkley, can't wait to show Andrew :O)Lisa & Liam are cooking tea tonight ~ Bubble & Squeak with with sausage. Tomorrow they are cooking chicken curry with coconut milk & spinich. Sounds fab!

Andrew tried to make some bread in his new bread maker yesterday & guess what, the bl***y thing didn't work. He had to take it back to Argos before work this morning to get a new one. Don't you just hate it when items you buy these days aren't checked first. Breadmaker mark 2 works thank goodness and hopefully will be cooking delicious loaves tomorrow :O)

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