Friday, December 12, 2008

Start Spreading the News ...

What a great day at work today :O) We've had loads of work to do which didn't need much concentration so we just laughed & talked our way through it. Kerri's off to New York on Monday so it called for a three part harmony of 'Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today, I want to be a part of it, New York, New York' lol. Between us (Me, Kerri & Nicky) we actually made it rain lol. We listened to the Fairytale of New York by the Pogues & Stings, I'm an English man in New York, just to get in the mood. I am so excited for her & can't wait for her to come back & tell us all about it :O) I volunteered for Taxi duty and in return Kerri is going to bring me back a decoration for the Christmas tree. How cool is that! It will go lovely with my Rastafarian snowman & black Santa from Jamaica. My Christmas tree from Egypt & the lovely Mickey Mouse head that Gemma bought me from Disneyland Paris.

Dotty Di called round when we got home to give Elena a belated birthday present. Di is one of Elena's Godparents. I haven't seen much of her lately and no wonder. Her husband Steve has had mental health problems for years now & a few months ago had a massive stroke. He spent 12 weeks in intensive care in Southampton and they thought they'd lost him. I'm not so sure luckily is the right word but luckily he made it and he's now at home. The problem is he can't be left alone at all. His mental health problems are even worse. He's lost the sight in his left eye and has only just started walking again. He keeps trying to set light to things so poor Di has to be with him 24/7. She's not much older than me and I feel so sorry for her. She's the same old Di though, keeps smiling through it all. Goodness me it makes you thankful for what you have doesn't it.

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Gemma said...


I saw Di and Steve today, it was really sad he looks really ill.Di was saying aswell that Charmaine no longer lives in the UK (so she's only got Jemma's help-not that she said anything like that), she's now living and working in Jamaica!!!

Hope your ok, just got in from the reef, it was amazing, will tell yu more when i see you.

See you soon xxx