Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Elena

Happy birthday Elena :O) Elena's 14 today! This morning she opened some presents before going to school, money from Nana Jean & Auntie Claire, a digital camera from me & Andrew, a spongebob pez dispenser, SD card & USB memory stick from Lisa & Liam and a piglet on a pillow & a lap top tray from Teresa. At school her friends gave her sweets, homemade biscuits & some bracelets. Then when she got home Mum & Dad called with even more presents :O) Mum & Dad bought an iPod docking station, Alison bought a Boots sweetie jar full of bath stuff & Gemma & Matt bought a Jack (nightmare before Christmas) cushion. Wow what a lot of gifts.

Tonight we all went out to the Pizza Hut for tea & then on to the cinema to watch Madagascar 2 :O)

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