Monday, January 26, 2009

'E' Bye Gum

Apart from listing all the things I've done today which is pretty boring or telling you that we are all shattered, not much has happened unless you count poor Lisa's disaster with her mobile phone. She decided it was time she gave it a clean so put it in the washing machine on a hot wash along with her bedding. Poor thing was gutted. Nothing anyone can do apart from be thankful no one was hurt, phones can be replaced. can't they. What a pain in the donkey though!

I have a bit of a confession, I've been spending money again! I've ordered a Wii Fit with the intention of losing the excess fat that's sitting around my middle. Elena's really excited about it too. We have 10 weeks to get to a size where we feel comfortable wearing a bikini :O)

No.15 of 365
Elena's made a necklace in Technology.

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