Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Opened the curtains this morning and it had been really frosty. Not only that the sun was shinning & it was foggy too. How much weather can you have in one go?
The fog looked really eerie. The frosty Ivy.

No.16 of 365
The frosty grass Some frosty leaves

I had to go to the Red Funnel terminal in Cowes this morning so set off a bit earlier to take some photos up on the downs. The fog looked even more dramatic up there :O)
Looking over Brading Down

Got to the ferry terminal in Cowes and told the lady in the kiosk I had come to pick up a parcel. Pop yourself into Lane 5 says she and then just nip down to the ticket office to collect it. So I did as I was told but noticed there were about 4 cars in front of me & umpteen cars both in lanes 4 & 6. Nevermind I thought, I'll pick up the parcel & reverse out ~ simples! By the time I got back to the bus, 3 cars had pulled in behind me! I was boxed in and all the cars were waiting to board the ferry that was due.

Red Funnel terminal at Cowes

To make matters worse it was freezing, so after a while I went back to the ticket office to find a hot drink. To cut a long story short, the ferry had been cancelled because of the fog, so I had to wait an hour & a half to get out. I made it back to work at 12:15pm. It was a very short shift :O)

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Elena said...

wow i wish i could take photos like u.

love u xxx