Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yesterday I started clearing out the cupboards in the kitchen above the cooker, so when Andrew needs to take them down, they will be ready. I've thrown half the stuff away & found new homes for everything else ~ nearly! I was really surprised at the amount of muck *cringe*, I'm not joking, the only thing I can put it down to is my new glasses lol. Can I blame it on them? BNG (before new glasses) everything looked clean, granted not spotless because there aren't enough hours in a day (and shhhh ~ Andrew's a really messy chef lol) but it looked OK. Now I have new glasses I can't believe how grubby everything is, so it was lovely to have a good clear out & clean up :O) I suspect one of the main reasons really is that I spend far too much time attached to my laptop instead of investigating all the nooks & crannies around the house. Oh well, life's too short isn't it.

Andrew did a bit more filling etc. We have a delivery date for the new monster size fridge/freezer. It's arriving next Friday 23rd Jan. It's going to be so nice to be able to fit everything in there and not have to take a dozen things out to find the grated cheese that you know is somewhere amongst the stacks of food lol. One of the things I threw away yesterday was the ice cube trays because *drum roll please* we won't be needing them. The new appliance makes it's own ice cubes!! How cool is that, well yes I know ice cubes are cool, but you know what I mean :O)

Andrew finished filling etc last night. Usually the alarm clock wakes us up in the morning. It's not a horrible buzzer or anything like that because that would be just cruel. Instead we are woken up by music being broadcast from the best radio station in the world ~ Wave 105. Well this morning, while it was still dark and we were still in the land of nod, the telephone rang. Talk about stick you to the ceiling! Andrew's sister Claire was on the other end telling Andrew that his Mum is in hospital. Now this might sound horrible but what can Andrew do at that time in the morning? Could she not have phoned an hour later? Andrew's Mum's always ill so you never know if it's serious or not. Maybe I'm being a little harsh.

This is the fourth photo of my 365 project, only another 361 to go lol ...

No 4 The cupboards have been emptied ready for Andrew to work his magic in the kitchen & utility room :O)

This morning, while I'm sat here typing, I'm listening to the Beach Boys singing 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'. It always reminds me of the film 50 First Dates. If you haven't seen it, watch it, it's hilarious. Right I'm off to work now, toodle pip.


OMG what a day at work. The one thing I've been dreading for weeks has happened. The Sun £9.50 bookings have started to arrive and to cut a very long story short, I have no computer programme that works beyond 23rd September. The big boss has now got involved and is 'kicking his son's bottom' as I type. Those weren't his exact words ;O) His son has been installing a new booking system since Whit week last year. The panic button has been pressed a few times today I can tell you!

Gemma followed me in as I got home from work. Bless her heart, she had picked up some minced beef from Lidl's for me on her way. She's taken Elena to see the film 'Bedtime Stories' isn't she the best :O) Look how gorgeous these two are.

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SuzyB said...

LOL that song reminds me of First 50 dates too!! LOVE that film!