Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Am Thankful - Honest

I have the most gorgeous daughters in the world & I love them to pieces!

Yesterday when Elena came home from school we had a bit of a natter and she relaxed in front of the TV for a while. Then she started doing jobs around the house, made our bed, tidied up the kitchen etc. how lovely is that :O) I didn't ask her to do it she volunteered. Well I'm going to treat her to the cinema tomorrow. She's going with Gemma after school to see 'Bedtime Stories' starring Adam Sandler. I have one of those BOGOF tickets from McDonalds so I said I would pay. Just got to find some drinks & sweets for them to take and they will be sorted. See I told you they are gorgeous :O)

Here's the third photo of my 365 project ...

No.3 I adore necklaces. I have a lovely collection now, nothing expensive just colourful and something to go with every outfit. I couldn't find anywhere to keep them all for ages until I found a little zip up bag. Every necklace sits in it's own little see through plastic wallet so they don't get tangled up and are easy to find. It's ideal and sits in the cupboard over the top of my bed :O)

The title of this post is 'I Am Thankful - Honest'. Do I sound convincing? The big boss rang me this morning at home, asking if one of the girls in the office, is leaving? The straight answer is yes but I haven't had anything official from her as yet. Someone has told him I have had a letter about it ~ news to me! Anyway he was OK about it all and then, before he said goodbye, he dropped a bomb shell. 'With things as they are I probably won't be replacing her'! OMG knowing the boss man that means he WON'T be replacing her. I am going to lose a member of staff who works 40 hours a week. So there will be 3 of us left getting paid for 16, 20 & 24 hours respectively to keep an office open 7 days a week, 11 hours a day! That doesn't sound so bad until you realise that you can't do change over days without 2 people & all holidays have to be covered. I am really grateful in this economic climate to have a job, but piggin hell, I'm not superwoman! I wonder how far he's willing to compromise?

Whilst I'm writing this blog post I'm listening to this man ... ... the one & only Lionel Richie. He is so easy on the ears with fab songs like Lady, Easy, All Night Long, My Endless Love & Hello. I love his music, maybe he will have to be added to my bucket list as a 'must see in concert' :O)

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