Friday, January 16, 2009


A few days ago, my lovely Gemma started a blog of her own and I think it's fab. If you want to have a look it's called Little Gem. It makes me feel so much more closer to her since she moved out. (Lisa & Liam say that about my blog too when they read it, so I now know what they mean.)

Elena's been a good girl too & written on her blog everynight this week. She loves taking photos and seems to have the 'eye' for it. Her blog is here if you're interested :O) I'm hoping it will help her with her English if nothing else.

Here's the fifth photo of my 365 project.

No.5We have some hyacinth bulbs flowering in the conservatory. I wish you could smell the scent, it's gorgeous. It beats any shop bought air freshner hands down.

Lisa & Liam look as if they've been having fun since they went back to Uni. I snook these off facebook, I hope Andy doesn't mind (thank you Andy). All the girls together, Abby, Lisa, Katie, Emily & Andy at Laverstoke GdnsAll the girls again outside the theatre (I'm not jealous, honest) :O) Liam & Abby eating pizza :O)

Andrew had a night off from the utility room last night & I don't blame him either. He did, however, go shopping at lunch time today & get new shock absorbers for the washing machine because it's making such a racket on the spin cycle. He's a real superstar isn't he :O)

Me, well for the first time in my life I feel fat! I know what it's down to, eating the wrong foods (chocolate & cheese being the main culprits) and not enough exercise. When I went to the doctors a few weeks ago for the dreaded smear test the nurse weighed me. As we have no scales in our house I had no idea how much I weighed (not that it matter's really) but I was shocked to find out I was 12 stone ~ yikes! So I'm going to start by walking more & eating a lot less chocolate & cheese ~ easy ;O)

Update: Some bad news today, Andrew's Mum (involuntarily visualisation of a hippo wallowing in mud (thank you Reginald Perrin)) has had a heart attack. The reason she was taken into hospital was because she had fluid on her lungs & round her heart which resulted in an irregular heart beat. This in turn triggered the heart attack. She's poorly obviously but in the best place. There's no love lost sadly but I do feel sorry for Andrew because it's his Mum after all.

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