Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Jolly Sailor

Oh dear, poor Andrew, he's been in a bit of a tizz today. He's been waiting for Claire to phone to tell him how is Mum is and at one point he was ready to drop everything and go up north. The hospital said she's had a comfortable night but was still very poorly. Towards dinnertime he was feeling a bit better because he'd actually managed to talk to his Mum. They let you use mobile phones now in hospitals luckily. She told him she was feeling a bit better and not to bother going to see her. It still hasn't eased the way he's feeling. I don't think it will until he's been up to see her. We had a chat and he wants to finish work early on Friday and travel up to the hospital and come back on Sunday. Of course I'll go with him but it's going to be such a problem at work as I usually do the Sunday shift *tut*. I just hope she doesn't take a turn for the worse in the meantime.

No.6 of my 365 project :O)My keys; Andrew bought me the red fob for Christmas, it's a torch and will come in very handy :O)

This afternoon Gemma, Elena & I decided to go for a walk. We drove down to the Jolly Sailor car park in Sandown so we could walk to Yaverland & back. Just near the chip shop Gemma spotted Mum & Dad so we pulled over and had a chat, they were going for a walk too. We met up in the car park a few minutes later and set off to Yaverland.
Gemma, Mum, Dad, Me thanks Elena xXx Gemma's photo of the swan on the pond Elena's photo of the swan Me trying to straddle the wall ~ ouch! Mum, Dad & Gemma in the car park at Yaverland Elena with Culver Cliff in the background
A man actually windsurfing & it was freezing! The Champions with Gemma starring as Alexander Bastido lol A Pepsi for your thoughts :O) Gemma with a nice warm coffee Gemma, Elena & the Jolly Sailor

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Elena said...

yeah we did have fun. Hope you are having fun at work.

Love you lots. xXx.