Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hair & Hoody

When Gemma came round to see us yesterday she made us laugh so much :O) She sat on the chair opposite us, talking, then all of a sudden she undid the zip on her fleece. Inside it was Bobs (lol) a hot water bottle rabbit that she's had since she was a baby. It was so funny, it's not the sort of thing you expect someone to do. ROFL :O) I thought I was nesh!

I spent this morning sat in the hairdressers whilst Caroline permed my hair. The last time I had it done was the 2nd September so it's lasted quite a long time. Poor thing was working in the salon by herself. She was doing a great job but you could tell she was working too hard. It's not fair that people should be expected to work so hard that by the time they get home they are shattered & fit for nothing. I suppose you just have to be grateful these days, you have a job.

I hate my hair at the best of times but even more so when it's first been permed. It settles down after a few days & it's OK. I am going to use this photo as the 10th of my 365 project.

I HATE MY HAIR. If I could change just one thing about myself, it wouldn't be bigger boobs, less fat, being taller or thinner it would be to have lovely hair.

Gemma came round again this afternoon as we were going to Newport shopping. Elena got home from school, got changed and off we went. Elena spent part of her Christmas Boots gift voucher on some Dream Matte Mousse & bought a pair of fingerless gloves in New Look that turn into mittens with her Christmas New Look voucher :O) Gemma managed to find some brown boots to go with the trousers she's wearing tomorrow at Age Concern. I treated her to a gorgeous pink hoody that just screamed 'Gemma' :O) I think she'll look lovely in it. It seemed to cheer her up. We took some photos while we were there (& before it began raining). I wanted to take a photo of the church now all the scaffolding has been taken down. Gemma always, always gets in the shot just as you're about to tak the photo! I love it really and it made for a fab photo. Andrew's still painting the utility room but unfortunately putting the new shock absorbers on the washing machine didn't work. It's still as noisy as ever and OMG have you seen the colour of it now the walls are white! Gemma said it reminds her of the Daz advert on TV where the woman thinks her whites are white until the Daz lady puts it up against something that is really white lol. See what I mean. We're not having a new one until it that one conks out!

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