Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ooooo I've been waiting for this day for ages and ages. The brand new episode of House, Painless, aired last night across the pond on Fox 8/9 central. So after work and filling & switching on the washing machine & dishwasher, I booted up the lap top and sat back and indulged myself. Was it worth waiting 5 weeks for? You bet ya ~ it's the best program on the TV interweb :O)

Last night I spoke to Lisa on the phone for over an hour. Poor thing had had a REALLY bad day so I tried my hardest to cheer her up. I must have done something right because not long after she put the phone down, I received a lovely e-card with this message ... Thank you for making me feel better and always being there for me!!!! I love you! Your the best! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
How gorgeous is that :O)

Talking of last night ...

This is No. 9 of my 365 photos
Andrew fixed the washing machine last night by fitting some new shock absorbers. I love him more everyday, which is saying something, because I've known him for nearly 10600 days!

Gemma's been to see Elena & I this afternoon. We're going to Newport tomorrow when Elena gets in from school as Gem wants some shoes to go with the outfit she's wearing on Thursday. She's doing some voluntary work for Age Concern in their events department. I hope she enjoys herself.


Teresa said...

Hi Honey!
Sorry i've not been in to check your blog for a bit. I have been suffering with a bad back so have avoided the laptop. Just caught up with all your happenings.

I am so sorry to hear about Andrews mum. It must be really hard when you all live so far away. We all wish here well again and also good luck and safe journey for the trip up north on Friday (pack your thermals, a flask and a hot water bottle).

The utility room is looking amazing. Well done Andrew!!

Love to you all
Teresa xxx xxx xxx xxx

Rach said...

Hi Vanda,

Coooorrrr Doc House. I am sure my white coat syndrome would magically disappear if he was my Doc! That E Card is just gorgeous. x