Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Noodle

'Happy noodle everyone' was Max's way of saying Happy New Year today lol. Last night we stayed up to see the New Year in by watching BBC1 on the TV. The kids (mine anyway) went out to Skateboard Steve's house for the night. They sent text messages though wishing everyone a good new year :O)

We had a traditional New Years Day walk. This was outside a house on the cliff path lol. We had to keep moving to keep warm, it was freezing. We couldn't stay long on the beach much to Max's disgust. Children don't seem to feel the cold at all do they.We nearly killed Teresa walking up Lake slipway lol. Max with the snowman outside Strollers cafe. The lads were much more sensible staying inside playing on the X-Box. The afternoon was spent in the kitchen preparing a feast fit for a king by ... the one and only Andrew as the head chef & me as the kitchen porter :O) As we were in a picture taking mood we made the most of it. Me & Jake ... Lisa, Max & Elena ... Me, Max & Elena ... When we asked Max to put on his 'happy face' this is what he did ... When we asked him to put on his 'grumpy face', Elena joined in ROFL!

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