Friday, January 02, 2009

Woolworths Doors Are Officially Closed

Today Teresa and the gang made an early start home. I hate saying goodbye, it's the worse part. Max was not a happy chappy poor thing but he seemed OK when he got in the car.

Me & Andrew spent the day cleaning & tidying up and made yet another trip to Lynnebottom Tip. This afternoon I've been sorting through some old photos trying to put them in some sort of order. Suzy B has given me an idea of publishing them all into a book, similar to the one's she's made from her blog. I'll have a go.

Gemma is officially redundant from her job. Woolworths is no more! I will miss poping in to see them all but not as much as they will miss their jobs poor things. Nobody can dampen their spirits though. Hope they can all find a job soon.


Anonymous said...

thank you thank you for making the best place to shop please tell everyone you will never be forgot
the staff were the best and i great place to shop
you may be gone from the high street you never be forgot in our hearts
ture love last forever
and we all love woolies

Jonathan Robinson said...

The UK has lost 800 little micro-communities of people who worked in these stores.

I wish them all well!

I filmed my local store in its dying hours ( and it was a sorry state!