Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hospital Visit

This morning Andrew & I walked down through Whitehough, along the old tramlines & back up Charlie Lane with Claire's dog Holly. It was lovely to stretch our legs although it was quite wet & muddy under foot. After lunch we went to see Andrew's Mum in hospital. She seemed really pleased to see us and looked surprisingly well after her ordeal. We spent two & a half hours talking & laughing with her until the bell went for us to leave. She had read all the books she had, so we went to Sainsbury's on the way home and bought her some more. By 7pm we were back at the hospital for one last visit. She hadn't had a very good sleep the night before because one of the elderly female patients had kept everyone awake, shouting for her niece. Poor thing had died whilst we were visiting in the afternoon, the worst bit was she was still there when we left at 8:30! I knew the NHS was stretched to the limit but flippin heck. Anyway, we said our goodbyes and went back to Claire's calling for a Chinese food on the way. Andrew seemed much happier after he had seen & talked to his Mum, so all's well :O)

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