Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monster Fridge & Motorways

Yesterday, whilst we were both at work the monster fridge arrived. Gemma very kindly came round to wait in for it. They couldn't get it through the back door so it's stood in the conservatory at the moment. It's worked out well though because Andrew just didn't get chance to finish painting. So when it's all done it should fit through the internal doors quite easily as they are all normal 2'6" wide doors. Gemma decided we were going to the arctic so dressed for the occasion in thermal leggings & two pairs of socks lol. Elena arrived home just after 3pm so we packed the car, eat some homemade soup & got on our way to the ferry in Cowes. The crossing was good but we were a little apprehensive about travelling through Southampton on a Friday night in the rush hour. The traffic is notoriously busy! Luck was on our side though and we weren't held up once and after one stop at Cherwell Valley services for some food, we arrived at Claire's house at 10:30pm.

No.12 of 365
There's something lovely about travelling in the dark.

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