Monday, February 09, 2009

Knitting Shreddies

Last night I tried to teach Gemma & Elena how to knit. It started off with me casting on 20 stitches for each of them. Elena lost 2 of her stitches somewhere in the first couple of rows but after that she did great. Gemma, well, she did great too but she managed to gain an extra 8 stitches & a button hole ??!!! lol. I was asking her what she fancied knitting once she got the hang of it but she hadn't decided so I turned to Elena and asked her and she said 'I'm knitting shreddies'. You just have love that girls sense of humour ROFL.

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Teresa said...

OMG! How funny is your post today!

Trust Elena to say something daft like that.

As for the knitting, well all i can say is it was a good first attempt with Gemma even working a pattern into hers lol

Did you get my email about Genesreunited? Have a peek if you haven't cos someone has messaged you :O)

Love ya millions

Teresa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx