Sunday, February 08, 2009


OMG I've had the most boring day at work today. I think the phone went about 6 times & the only people I've seen all day were Andy & Ron.

Andrew on the other hand has had a hectic day pulling down cupboards in the kitchen. The poor love even had the ceiling fall down which he didn't expect. I'm not suprised though because when the electrician came a few weeks ago he couldn't finish the downstairs lights fuse because it kept tripping the switch. He has to come back to sort it out (which should have been last Friday but we're talking Isle of Wight workers here). He asked if we had had a leak or anything? Then when I emptied the cupboards above the cooker there was a pool of water in the top one ~ not good. So yes, at some point in the last couple of months or so, we've had a leak. The shower cubicle is directly above so we're thinking that that may well be the cause. So we may have found the problem with the electrics. On the bright side, the kitchen looks huge :O) Elena's been out most of the day with her friends. They went to Newport on the bus so they could watch 'He's Just Not That Into You' at the cinema. They didn't think it was that great. I've pinched these from Elena because I think they're pretty cool :O) Right I'm off now to teach Gemma how to knit :O)

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Teresa said...

Ooooh BIGamy! what fun! I'm so jealous of your relatives. I want some scandal in my tree too *stamps foot*

Sorry to hear your day was boring, if i'd have known i'd have given you a ring LOL

Andrew seems to have his work cut out in the kitchen but it'll all be worth it in the end and its looking fab!

I hope Gemma's settled in ok and the knittings going well. I love knitting, its very theraputic LOL Tell her to make me a baby cardigan (that should keep her busy for a while).

Thanks for looking into my Hindley's, it was really thoughtful of you :O)

Anyway i'm off for now. Love ya loads

Teresa xxxx