Thursday, February 19, 2009

Southampton Shopping

It was so foggy this morning the fast cat (boat) from Cowes to Southampton was delayed. So much so that the queue into the ticket office was outside, half way down the lane, passed the bag shop! The crossing was fine apart from not being able to see anything out of the windows. The captain sailing the boat had to sound the fog horn every couple of minutes. By the time we were in Southampton waters though the fog lifted enough to see where we were going. First port of call for me, Kerri, Gemma & Elena was Primark, Kerri's favourite shop. Elena bought lots of new under ware & a couple of fluorescent pink & yellow belts to hold her jeans up. We think she's been on the Wii fit so much she's started to lose weight. I found another bikini for my holidays (6 weeks on Sunday) and Gemma found some pyjamas.

After lunch in West Quay we walked round all the shops including Elena's favourite Disney Store & New Look. Elena bought another bikini & a Spongebob t-shirt so she's all sorted for her holiday now. We called in to the new Ikea.
(Not this one, this one's the ferry advertising Ikea lol)

It was packed. I did find something for Andrew & wanted to buy it. But after finding a sales assistant and working our way down another 2 floors, finding Aisle 3, Location 45, there was just a sign saying there were no more in stock *tut*. It was a stainless steel sheet called 'Imperativ' & would be so perfect for the back of the hob. Lisa has very kindly offered to try & get me one.
Gemma & Kerri walking back to the boat ;O)

Tonight Lisa phoned with the best news ever, she's passed all her exams & in 3 of them she was the top of the class. How flippin brilliant is that. Well done Lisa, we are really proud of you xXx

The girls at Uni have still been eating colourful food this week. Katie cooked a roast chicken dinner with blue cauliflower cheese lol & today Lisa made some multicoloured fairy cakes. Not having anything to put on them she decorated them with coco Pops ~ how ingenious is that :O)


Teresa said...

Looks like you had a fabby time, i wish i could have come too *tuts @ IOW being so flippin far away*

Let me know if Lisa can't get you the Ikea thingie you want and i'll have a go :O)

Tell Elena i love her kini and shirt, she'll look terrific.

Those buns of Lisa's look scrummy, my screens all wet now from licking the picture ROFLMAO

Lots of love to you all

Teresa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Angela said...

Looks like you had fun. You all remind me of that Sugababes song 'here come the girls'.

Ooh, not long till your holiday now, how exciting. x