Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here Come The Girls

Last night, pondering over the Alice Taylor/Shaw mystery (Andrew’s great, great grandmother), it occurred to me that I hadn’t located her in the 1911 census. See this post for more details.

A couple of days ago I received the marriage certificate I sent for, hoping it was Alice’s marriage to the man she was living with in the 1891 census, John Withington. Andrew & I knew it was a long shot but we were prepared to pay for the certificate just to try & get some more information about his great grandmother, the illusive Annie Shaw. Unfortunately it wasn’t the couple we were looking for …

Married in the Parish Church of St John, Lindow, Chester on 5th Sept 1883 by licence
John Withington - 27 - Bachelor - Banker's Clerk - Stockport – James Withington - Hotel Keeper
Alice Bolshaw - 28 - Spinster - Morley - Johnathan Bolshaw - Gentleman
Witnesses - James Edward Smith & Elizabeth Alice Rathbone

So like I said, I found the Withington family in the 1911 census …

1911 Census
116 Slag Lane, Lowton, Leigh
John Withington – Head – Married – 49 – Colliery Labourer Underground – Lancs Wigan
Alice Ann Withington – Wife – Married for 3 years – 57 – Lancs Ashton U Lyne
B William – Son-in-Law – Widower – 27 - Colliery Labourer Underground – Lancs Lowton
Bennet John – grandson – 4 – Lancs Lowton

The beauty of the 1911 census is it tells you how many years a person has been married, in this case 3! Low & behold, after a quick search on the freeBMD site (free index to births, deaths & marriages) & another search on the Lancashire BMD, I found this …

Marriage June qtr 1908
Lowton St Luke’s Lancashire
John Withington & Alice Ann Shaw

So this may rule out the bigamy theory *tut* what a shame :O)

The other information I found after reading the 1911 census entry was the marriage & death of Annie’s half sister Amelia …

December qtr 1906 in Leigh - William Bennett & Amelia Withington
June qtr 1907 in Leigh - John Bennett
June qtr 1907 in Leigh - Amelia Bennett aged 23

How sad is that. Poor Amelia must have died in childbirth or shortly after. We’re not talking 100’s of years ago here, we’re talking 50 years before Andrew was born! We have a lot to be thankful for these days don’t we.

On a much, MUCH happier note, Teresa is having a GIRL!!! Yipeee!!! I’m so thrilled for her :O) Now she will have someone for her, who gives cuddles & kisses and wears pink and wants to go shopping and do girly things ... I love girls :O)

Talking of lovely girls, Elena modelled her new T-shirts for me today. They are SO Elena. She adores cartoon style clothing especially when it's just an outline drawing. Apart from cleaning & tidying her bedroom we haven't done a lot today. Mind you we did get 2 bags of rubbish from up there plus a bag of stuff for the charity shop. Tomorrow we're off to Southampton for a shopping trip with Kerri & Gemma. Here come the girl's!!


SuzyB said...

Just been over to Angela's blog and spotted your comment. Im fine honestly thank you, just been a really really pants couple of weeks. Nothing life threatening, just big changes to get used to all of a sudden. I shall be back blogging when I have something interesting to say, I promise :o)xx

Angela said...

Hiya Vanda, yep I'm back, sort of lol!!

Just not much to blog about anymore so I'll bore you all with random stuff. Might even pick up my camera a bit more.

Glad you've been keeping up with your blog though x

Ian Bennett said...

Hi Vanda,
Came across you by accident.Interested in your information on the Withingtons.I am researching my grandmother Amy Withington who married Amelias husband William Bennett in 1915.Like yourselves I have drawn a blank on trying to trace Amy through the Withington side of the family and trying a different approach by tracing the grandson John.All I can tell you is that Amelia did die in childbirth and is buried in Lowton St Lukes churchyard.William Bennett died in 1916 in ww1 in Basra.Alice Ann must have died between 1911 and 1916 as young John was living with my grandmother Amy and John Withington at 161 Church Lane.Lowton.Amy left Lowton and returned home to her parents house in Hindley where she gave birth to my dad in Jan 1917.Although I carry the Bennett name as did my dad he was not Williams son.Your research has given me some valuable information. I wondered what had become of William and Amelias son.It now looks like he remained with his grandfather in Lowton.Although Amelia and Amy have the same surname we do not think they were related.Good hunting for the information you are looking for.

Ian Bennett. Chorley.Lancs

Vanda said...

Ian thank you for that information :O) Not sure how to get in touch with you but my email address is andrew-vanda at