Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taps & Surprises

Gemma's had an interview at one of the holiday parks in Shanklin this morning. I don't know the outcome yet but I'll update the post when I find out. Keep everything crossed for her :O)

Elena's had another day off because she just isn't feeling well at all. I'm sure she'll bounce back in a couple of days. Good job it's half term next week.

When I got back from work today I had a parcel waiting for me. My gorgeous Lisa had sent me a little package look ... It's a couple of coupons, a lovely photo & a bracelet to go with the necklace I got at Christmas time. Thank you Lisa, I love it xXx

Andrew had today off to continue demolishing the kitchen. By the time I got home the new work top had been cut to size & fixed in place.During the afternoon we had the gas man here to connect the new hob and at the same time the electrician came back to find the fault that was tripping the downstairs fuse in the new fuse box. We were convinced it was either the kitchen light or the dining room ceiling fan/light that was causing the problem but when he checked them, they were both OK. After a lot more poking around he found the problem. It was the wire trapped in the utility room light switch. So now the electric has all been safety checked & so has the gas ~ cool!

Andrew's now got the sink plumbed back in plus a new mixer tap which I think looks weird. It pulls out so you can 'shower' the food off your plates before they go in the dish washer or sink. He's got tomorrow off too so buy Sunday it should be functional again :O)

Roll on holidays ~ 52 days left & counting :O)


Gemma said...

Hmmm not to sure if it'll be the food Dad will be showering I can sense a lot more Alistair summer holidays coming on!lol. Love you lots xxx

Kerrie said...

That hob is looking good but I still think the whole in the wall is great design.I think I am going to be so jelous of your kitchen.XX

Kerrie said...

Sorry I meant hole in the wall not whole wall!!