Friday, February 13, 2009

Demolition Man Has Vacated The Building

I think I've worked out why I don't like shopping. I've been to Newport this afternoon to buy birthday presents for everybody who's birthday is in February & March. It's cost me £200 *faint* yes, there really are that many birthdays and I haven't finished yet *gulp*...
Alistair's 21st on 15th Feb
Teresa's on 20th Feb
Jake's on 22nd Feb
Lisa's on 1st March
Gemma's on 5th March
Sam's 21st on 16th March
Mine on 19th March (I didn't buy myself anything but thought I would just hint lol)
Zoe's on 23rd March
Max's on 25th March
Josh's on 29th March
and to top it all Nicky's leaving work & engagement present!
So not only does shopping cost me money but the 'everyday things' I went for I couldn't find. It's really frustrating when I know what I want but nobody sells it!!! It will have to be a trip to Southampton next week with Elena, there's nothing else for it.

While I was out, Andrew was as busy as ever. When I got home he looked cream crackered, so when I offered to make a cup of tea & run a bath for him, he just said yes please. He's managed to finish demolishing the kitchen thankfully so now all he has to do is rebuild it. Tomorrow he's building a platform to sit the oven on, sorting out some cupboard doors & may even start tiling. So Demolition man has vacated the building and Superman is back :O) Elena was left in charge of the photos as she was still off school today. She did say that she was feeling better & wasn't visiting the toilet quite so often, so I'm hoping she's on the mend.

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Teresa said...

OMG! Poor you! You seem to be in as much mess as we are :O(

Hopefully it won't take long to rebuild it all. Have you managed to get some tiles to match the old ones? Or are you taking them all off?

Most of my tiles are on now but the electric switches are still off and the tiles around them need putting on but we are getting there.

I had to have a word with Kerrie yesterday and warm her not to corrupt you PMSL Seems like your not as squeaky clean as i though LOL *tuts*

Anyway good luck with the kitchen jobs today.

Lots of love

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!!