Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thank Goodness We Have A Decent Sized House!

Firstly, apologies for yesterday's blog title. It just seemed appropriate at the time as both Andrew & I were singing the naughty version of 'Living next door to Alice' by Smokie & laughing like 2 kids. I was going to call the post something boring like Bigamy but sometimes you're just in one of those moods where you want to cross a line for the hell of it lol :O)

Right, what have we been up to? Well, we'll start with the youngest, Elena. She's been baking bread at school and bought some home for us to try. She certainly takes after Andrew in the cooking & baking department, they were fabalicious! She's also got to choose her options for her GCSE's which is taking some decision making I can tell you.

Lisa's been dressing up again, this time as a rag doll for the bop. Here she is with Abby ~ awwwwGemma's had to move out of her flat today so she is staying with us until Thursday. This was the conversation ...
Gem: Mum can I stay with you until Thursday?
Me: Course you can sweetie.
Gem: Is there any room in the Wendy House to put my stuff?
Me: Urm no, it's got Lisa's four poster bed in there plus the bikes and Christmas lights.
Gem: Any room in the garage?
Me: Urm no, it's full of Dad's kitchen stuff he's working on
Gem: The conservatory?
Me: Urm no, it's got the stuff from the under stairs cupboard in there plus all the stuff from the kitchen that I've emptied out today.
Gem: Any ideas?
Me: Well Lisa & Liam aren't home this weekend so you could put it in there
So that was it, she's moved in :O)Andrew's been as busy as ever today wrecking the kitchen & putting it back together again. The new worktop looks great, it's a shame the tiles had to be taken off for the new one to be put on. It's a lot of work just to replace a work top isn't it. It does look great though and he's sprucing up the inside of the cupboards while he's doing :O) What a star xXx

My teabag bin's arrived! It's great, I love it. We recycle as much as we can here, so all the 'green' stuff (food, peelings, teabags etc.) go in the green bin outside. This isn't a problem, just a bit of a pain when you have to carry boiling hot tea bags outside every time you make a cuppa. Coupled with the amount of tea Andrew & I drink, the teabag bin is a godsend I can tell you & sure beats the old pot noodle pots we were using before! We've had such a busy day we decided to go out for tea. So we went to the Ponderosa in Ashey for 2 plates of scampi, peas & chips & a combo plate for Elena :O) Bang goes all my hard work on the Wii fit lol. Good news & bad about my external hard drive. Justin at the shop managed to save everything on there (you could say Justin time lol) but the hard drive has had it. I need to get a new one *tut*. Apparently hard drives don't like being knocked, so when I get a new one, it's going to stay in the computer cupboard and not taken out!

Last but not least a photo for my 365 ~ no. 23 ...
Andrew & I couldn't survive with out tea lol.

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