Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Words - Sat Nav!

Andrew's been hard at work again. He's finished painting the back board inside the kitchen cupboards where it's had 15 years of pots & pans rubbed up against it. He's finished painting inside the bottom of the kitchen drawers so they all look brand new again. He's grouted all the tiles, screwed the electric sockets back on the wall & fitted the cooker hood. He really is the best man in the world isn't he :O)

I've been sorting through all the pots etc. and getting rid of the things we never use. At one point we nearly came to blows over the Eternal Bow tea set that was bought as a wedding present nearly 25 years ago lol. Andrew wanted to keep it, even though it's never been used since Elena's Christening in 1995 and even though we never make a cup of tea using a tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug or cups & saucers!! AND we never use little tiny plates to eat cucumber sandwiches or French fancies off, but still he didn't want to part with it. After a bit of gentle persuassion (well a lot actually) guess who won ~ yep me. They have now been retired to the Eternal Bow resting place in the sky (or as we like to call it, the car boot sale).

Today he's actually let me in the kitchen to put things back in our snazzy new kitchen cupboards. It's all in it's right place which is great, but at the moment, because we've been living out of the dining room & conservatory, we can't find anything lol. Tidying up, I found 2 unused condoms (think they were left over from the ones Lisa hid for Teresa & Nik at Christmas) so I suggested we put them on Sam's pillow next weekend just in case he gets lucky! Well there will be a house full of girls lol.

Lisa wanted me to watch the TV series Gavin & Stacey as it's one of her favourite shows at the moment. Luckily Gem had the first season on DVD so we've sat though all six episodes and creased up laughing. Rob Bryden as Bryn is just hilarious with his Sat Nav & computer. Can't wait to watch season 2.

My favourite record at the moment is Lily Allen's 'The Fear'. I just can't get it out of my head.
Luckily we downloaded from iTunes when they were giving it away free. I like free stuff I do :O)

This afternoon I took Gemma & Elena to Matalan. I'd bought Elena an umbrella for school and the first time she used it, it broke so I needed to exchange it. The sales assistant was lovely, couldn't apologise enough and swapped it with no problem. Couldn't resist looking round the baby section at all the girlie pink stuff ;o) Managed to pick up a white t-shirt to go with my pink skirt so now I am all organised for our holidays ~ 6 weeks tomorrow! I am SOOOO excited, I think I'm going to burst.

Gemma's been a busy bee today too. She's doing a car boot on Monday to try and raise the money she needs to fix her poorly car (damn the Isle of Wight pot holes). We've donated all the unwanted kitchen stuff including the old cooker which she's hoping to sell on WightBay. Good luck Gem xXx

Last but not least, Elena's treated herself to some very snazzy trainers. Spent her own money too (a very rare occasion I can tell you lol) she must like them a lot :O) Bye for now, hope everyone is having a fine & dandy weekend.

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Kerrie said...

Hi, glad you have discovered Gavin and Stacey, it's so fuuny. Check out the version of Islands In The Stream with Brynn, Ness and Tom Jones that they have done for comic relief. Tidy. See you tomorrow. Big Kiss x