Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Key To Success

The last couple of days have been spent cleaning, tidying and sorting out the kitchen stuff and even though we've only got a tiny kitchen, it holds a hell of a lot. I was determined to make sure the stuff we put back was in a fit state. Take the baking stuff for instance. Some of the trays we've had since time began and OMG I've never noticed before but they were in a sorry state to say the least, so I've replaced them. Things like bun tins, baking sheets and the like. You don't realise how bad things look do you until you start painting & sprucing. Then in the depths of Andrew's drawer, I found a couple of keys which led me to sort all the keys out, label them up and put them in their proper place. Andrew & I were laughing so much, we even had one from 'Auntie Jane's'. When we first moved down to the Island just before Gemma's 2nd birthday (she'll be 23 on March 5th) we stayed in a B&B in Shanklin for a couple of months. Jane gave us a key to let ourselves in when we wanted and we still had it. LOL :O) So everything has been 'bottomed' now, put in it's rightful place or thrown out. Sorted!

Lisa & Liam very kindly pointed us in the direction of Gavin & Stacey Season 2. I watched 4 episodes last night so while I was bleaching the shower and scrubbing it with a toothbrush (don't ask) Elena caught up with them all. Good job the humour is on 2 levels ~ know what I mean ~ tidy! Andrew's spent the day painting, cleaning the tiles & sorting out the cupboard doors. I love what he's done, he's a superstar & I love him to bits :O)


Teresa said...

Ohhhh lovely posh kitchen, does this mean the foods even tastier now?

Nice work Andrew!

Jake's had a great day today, spent mostly at his dads. He sends his thanks for the pressie :O)

Anyway i'm off to play with my new hard drive. Old one (i say old, it was only 11 months) has broken so we fetched a new one today.

Lots of love

Teresa xxxxx

lovelylushlisa said...

WOW the kitchen looks amazing!!!!!! I can't wait to see it up close and in person!! xxx