Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Helicopter Search

We didn't get any sleep last night. Well I say we didn't get any, we went to sleep & then we were woken up by a really loud humming noise that went on for hours. Andrew got out of bed at one point to see what it was but had to get back in because it was so cold lol. It turned out to be the search & rescue helicopter with it's lights on flying all over Lake & Sandown. (You weren't expecting me to say that were you lol).

According to Isle of Wight Radio "A missing 11-year-old boy on the Island has been found safe and well. Jordan Manning's disappearance prompted a massive search operation last night. Coastguards surveyed Sandown Bay during freezing temperatures. At its height more than 20 Volunteers and Coastguard search and rescue teams were looking for the young boy. A police spokesman said Jordan was found safe and well at a friend’s house." I'll let you make your own mind up about that one.

It was snowing again when everyone got up this morning. Andrew went to work, Gemma took Elena to school on the way to the doctors. They had closed the school so she had to come home again and yes, poor Gem has Shingles. It didn't stop her from being a superstar again today. She looked after Elena for me while I went to work & drove Lisa & Liam to the catamaran at Ryde so they could go back to Uni. She's the best :O)

They went for a drive round in the snow and Elena took some photos.

The view from Elena's bedroom window Gemma throwing a snowball at Elena Blackgang Chine Sliding up the hill

Couldn't wait to get home today to watch the next episode of House. Then afterwards it was Wii Fit training. According to the balance board I've lost 2lbs today??? I don't believe that, how can you lose 2lb in 24 hours?? Oh hang on a minute I think I lost it on e-bay lol. I bought 3x crystal cases for mine, Andrew's & Elena's ipods to keep them from being scratched (thank you for the tip Lisa).

Mum & Dad popped round yesterday with an update on Auntie Mal (my Dad's youngest sister 53). She is still in hospital as she is paralysed from the waist down, has no feeling in her hands or tongue and is being fed protein shakes & Complan because she can't get any food down. She is incontinent and can hardly talk. They have done some tests and she still has the use of her elbows so they are hoping the disease she has, has plateaued and won't get any worse (fingers, toes & eyes crossed). She's been transferred to a neurological hospital now and it could take the best part of 2 years to get some feeling back in her body, though they don't think she'll walk again.

On a more happy note, Andrew's Mum is doing really well. She's coping on her own at home and pottering about the house when she feels like it. Andrew phones her every night to see how she is.

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Teresa said...

Poor Mal! I'm wishing her better if thats any help at all.

Glad to hear Andrews mum is getting back on her feet.

Poor old Gemma, shes not having much luck lately is she but they say it comes in threes so 1. Woolies, 2. Car, and number 3. Shingles. So now everything is gona be on the up!! *crosses everything*

Loving the photos of all your snow, glad you got a bit too! Hope you've been out playing in it ;OP

Love ya tonnes
Teresa xxxxxxx