Monday, February 02, 2009

Lisa's University

Abby's gorgeous photos of Lisa's Uni & house ~ thank you Abby xXxLaverstoke Gardens Katie & Abby Grove House on the Uni Campus

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Teresa said...

Oooh Lisa's uni looks lovely in the snow!

ROFLMAO at your snowman, I'll get a photo of ours for my blog tomorrow (its dark now and Jakes only just finished making it).

Sorry to hear Lisa failed her driving test, but they do say third time lucky *fingers crossed*

Poor Gemma, How is she? Did it turn out to be shingles? Send them both my love please.

Sounds like Elena will be super fit when we next see her, tell her to keep up the good work and do a bit for me please LOL

Lots of love to you all
Teresa xxxxxxxxxxxx