Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Day In The Garden

We've spent a day in the garden today, me & Gemma. We're shattered now mind you. We started off by driving to the garden centre to buy 2 geraniums to go with the one already on the kitchen windowsill and some gardening gloves. Well you have to look the part don't you. So we cut down all the dead stuff in the boarders which meant attacking the pampas grass which had grown to the size of something out of the day of the triffids. It was more a case of the pampas grass attacking us as it ripped our arms to shreds the piggin thing! It's done now and looks 100% better. We filled a huge bag with all the leaves and dead stuff and took it to the tip. The bag was so big & so full it took 3 of us to get it through the gate :O) It fit's perfectly in the back of the bus and within 5 minutes had been emptied on the recycling pile. After lunch we had the brilliant idea of power washing the patio to get rid of all the moss. It took ages and there was muck everywhere, up the windows, fence, plant pots, us. We were soaked and filthy by the time we finished. We slept like a log =)

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