Monday, March 16, 2009

Andrew's Drawer

I think I've spoken about Andrew's drawer a few times on my blog. A couple of weeks ago for instance, I wrote about finding a key from a hotel we stayed at when we first moved to the Island, 21 years ago lol. Let me just list a few other things you'll find in Andrew's drawer ... a tape measure, numerous take away menus' with little stars by the side of the dishes we've ordered every time we've phoned the Chinese, sweet & sour chicken balls, chicken fried rice, prawn crackers, that sort of thing. There's a margarine pot of batteries of assorted sizes, some work, some don't because they need recharging. A few foreign coins from holidays we've been on. One of those keys for bleeding radiators. A few instruction booklets for things like CD players etc. A few packets of seeds that were free on the Shredded Wheat box or on the front of a magazine. There's usually a couple of phone/shaver chargers and an electrical lead from something, no ones really sure what. The nail clippers, a few spare bulbs and a Nokia 3210 complete with a spare cover, just in case.

Now watch this, ignore the first part about the loft ROFL We both wet ourselves laughing :O)

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