Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do Something Funny For Money :O)

Last night I downloaded 'Barry Islands In The Stream' as my bit for comic relief. It's sung by Sir Tom Jones with Nessa & Bryn from Gavin & Stacey & it's cracking! Then today I've had a message on face book from Lisa saying ... Heeeellllllllooooooo!!! If you go on itunes you can buy the comic relief islands in the stream album and im not going to lie to you, for £1.99 its a crackin deal with some brilliant extras! xxxx ...
ROFL see, we still have a connection 100 miles away :O) Thanks Lisa xXx

Elena's doing her bit for comic relief too on Friday. She can buy a red nose for a £1 from school & pay another £1 for double lunch!! The daisy she's making for drama has to have a face so she's going to use the red nose for the nose :O)

So come on, do something funny for money!

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Kerrie said...

That blog entry is tidy. Many congrate to Gemma on her new job I know she will love it. Don't forget to check your drawers as I have a quick rumidge in them. See you after my hols xxxxxxx ( extra xxxxx for while i am away )