Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jelly Fish

I really don't know what to write about tonight? Not that my life is boring you understand, it's just that if I go on much more about our impending holiday, I think I will drive everyone mad.

Oh sod it, I'm excited, really excited, so excited I think I'm going to burst. A few years ago I thought our first trip to Jamaica would be a once in a life time holiday and that was it, I never dreamt of going abroad again let alone to the Maldives. I don't think I even care anymore that we will be flying through the night even though I'm rubbish when I'm tired :O) 26 days & counting {insert huge grin}.

Poor Elena has had a horrible pre holiday dream, which must have freaked her out a bit as she is still going on about it now. (I thought it was only me that had the weird dreams before we went away???) She dreamt that she was sliding down a water slide into a pool of water then down another one into a second pool of water. When she got down the third slide the pool was full of jelly fish. We've tried all sorts to reassure her that every thing's going to be alright but she's not convinced. Matt's told her if she can take photos of 3 different jellyfish he will give her £5 & I've offered to go to the chemist to buy something for jellyfish stings. I know why she's worried. Poor thing was stung by one in Egypt and it's had a lasting affect. I offered her the usual remedy of weeing on the sting at the time (I knew watching Friends would come in useful one day) but she declined. Mmmm, maybe the jelly fish sting wasn't as traumatic as me suggesting the remedy lol?

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