Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

It's my birthday today ~ yipee :O)

I've had so much stuff I feel spoilt. Thank you everyone xXx

I had Socks & Chocolates wrapped in tinfoil (rofl) from Elena A gorgeous scarf, journal & a pen engraved with my name, from Lisa & Liam Two DVD's from Gemma, Love Actually & 50 First Dates, two of my favourite films :O)ITunes & a gorgeous necklace from my best friend Teresa. Flowers & chocolates from Gloria at work. Chocolates & iTunes from Andrew which was lovely as I hadn't expected anything. My laptop was for Christmas, birthday, mother's day etc. I had a bag full of goodies from Kerri, money from my Mum & Dad & Andrew's Mum and lots & lots of birthday cards :O)

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