Monday, March 30, 2009

Quantum of Solice

I've decided I like the Quantum Of Solice now. It's taken three screenings for me to make up mind but try as I might, I still don't get the sex appeal of Daniel Craig. Never mind, his acting skills and stunt work make up for it. A bit of James Bond trivia for you ... Cubby Broccolli, the legendary James Bond film maker has two children, Barbara Broccolli & Michael G Wilson. When Cubby died in 1996 Barbara & Michael took over producing the Bond films. Michael has appeared in every Bond movie since Goldfinger back in 1964. Sometimes it's quite an obvious roll as in Tomorrow Never Dies when he appears in a video conference with Carver. Other times it's really difficult to find him.

So last night we watched Quantum again with the intention of finding Michael G Wilson, a bit of a race between us, and guess who found him. Yep moi ~ way to go me!

OK I have got to get out more, does two weeks in the Maldives count?

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Kerrie said...

mmm I'm not sure about Daniel Craig either but seeing as he is now only a pound at tesco I might give him a go.