Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Quick Catch Up

Ok, got to get it out of the way ...
3 sleeps left
Can't put into words how excited I feel :O)

Andrew's been on the mainland today. He had to get up in the middle of the night (5:30am) to get to his meeting on time. I think he needs this holiday more than anyone.

Gemma started her new job this week & loves it. She comes home telling us about all the things she's done during the day. I'm so pleased she likes it.

Lisa is coming home from Uni on Friday for Easter. It will be lovely to see her again. Liam came home on Tuesday evening because his car needed an MOT.

Elena still has ear ache so I took her to the doctors again tonight. The doctor has given her some stronger antibiotics and some spray so hopefully she will be OK.

Me, well apart from nearly bursting with excitement, I'm OK. I watched a brilliant episode of House this week which was very enjoyable. I'm all packed for the holiday apart from the last minute things, all birthday presents have been posted & to deter the post holiday blues I've booked another holiday ~ yay! Two weeks on International Drive in Florida next year.


Teresa said...

OMG! Only three sleeps left ????

Wow! that went really fast, didn't it?

Have a really lovely time and don't forget to blog all about it when you get home.

Fantastic news about Gemma and her new job, i'm really pleased she's enjoying it.

Hope Liam's car passes its MOT *crosses everything*

It'll be lovely for you to see Lisa before you 'jet off' LOL

Bless our poor lil Elena, i really do hope the new meds make her better super speedily! Send her a big kiss from me :O)

And lastly, OMG! you've already booked a flippin nother holiday? *sighs* I just like the one LOL.

Love you all lots and lots, have a brill time and soak up some rays for me please ;O) Oh and don't forget my postcard!!!


Tree xxxxxxxx

Kerrie said...

Hopefully you should get my blog back now. It's my own fault for messing about with it. Have the best holiday ever ever ever. everything will still be here when you get back including me. xxxx
I am so glad Gem loves the new job. Make sure she keeps an eye on that Colin for me.