Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Ooooo after a few days of frost & cold weather the sun's been out today. It was so warm we went for a walk along the seafront. It was lovely to actually have a conversation with Andrew where he wasn't 'plugged in' to his iPod lol. He loves his iPod :O) As we walked, we talked about all the things we needed to take with us to the Maldives (4 weeks tomorrow!!) and decided we have everything apart from a comfy set of ear phones. The ones supplied by Apple are OK but they don't half hurt your ears after an hour or so of use.
It was really busy along the revetment with everyone making the most of the warmth. The sea was lapping up onto the sand and if you hadn't know it was March, you'd have thought it was a summers day :O) I resisted the urge to take yet another photo of Culver as I think there are plenty on my blog already. The cliffs are so photogenic though it's hard not to take 'just one more'. We walked back along the cliff path and through Ferncliff Gardens where the banks were covered with beautiful spring flowers, gorgeous. This afternoon, Andrew's been outside and given the car & bus a birthday lol. They have had their annual clean inside & out. The oil, water, tyre pressure & windscreen wash have all been topped up & the lights, indicators etc have been tested. We do it more than once a year, but it's not that frequent, so it seems like an annual event lol.

I've been cleaning the inside of the porch. How can such a small room, that's never used, get so dirty & take so long to clean? It looks all sparkly now & even the plants have been replaced with 4 geraniums from the garden centre.

Elena's been finishing the huge daisy she's been making for her upcoming show of Alice in Wonderland. They are performing it at the end of March & she's playing the parts of Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. The daisy looks fab. She's being entertained by Gavin & Stacey whilst she's working ~ tidy!

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